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Why Yoga In Pregnancy?

Yoga is a safe and gentle way of exercising during pregnancy and can be done all the way through as long as you have the permission of your medical health practitioners.

Practicing yoga during pregnancy has so many benefits.

On a physical level, it helps relieve tension, increase cardiovascular activity and circulation, helps clean the body of toxins, keeps the body strong, toned, supple and flexible, helps to strengthen the back, spine and pelvic floor, helps build stamina, stronger immune and nervous systems and helps balance the endocrine system, aids digestion and elimination, helps relieve general aches and pains and other pregnancy discomforts such as back ache, heartburn, constipation and compression of internal organs such as the lungs, helps to manage discomfort during labour and can make labour a more positive experience. On a mental/ emotional level, it can help relieve fear, nervousness, stress, anxiety, depression and any other negative emotions, thoughts and feelings. It keeps the mind clear, focussed, rational and balanced and brings a feeling of peace and calm.

It helps keep you healthy
It helps keep you happy
It helps you feel serene

All of this will greatly impact your unborn child in a hugely positive way as your health and mental and emotional state is directly shared with your child.


Privacy Policy and Data Protection

Before  coming to pregnancy yoga classes or doing any physical activity, please seek the advice and permission of your general health practitioner, midwife or consultant and always keep me informed of any health conditions that I should be aware of. Thank you.

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