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What is Yoga?

Yoga is the practice that enables you to feel healthy and whole by balancing the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of yourself and making them feel connected to each other and working in harmony together. When this happens, we feel, look and perform at our optimum. For instance, it is very hard to feel physically fit and healthy if we are feeling unhappy and stressed and so on. When we feel completely connected and balanced on all levels, we tend to feel completely happy, relaxed and good, which in turn helps us to feel more in control of our lives and more connected in our relationships with others and also in what is going on around us. We then find a peace and calm which helps us handle our lives in a much more positive way.

Yoga means union and it can be achieved in many different ways.

The practice of yoga we will be using in my classes is called Kundalini Yoga. (For more information about kundalini Yoga in general and how it works, please visit my website

It is an ancient science combining a specific sequence of graceful movement, breathing techniques, chanting, meditation, relaxation and positive, balanced, healthy living in one practice. It works very quickly to help strengthen and tone your body and stay or get fit and healthy, relieve any unwanted anxiety, stress, tension and toxicity, feel more relaxed, grounded, creative, positive, happy, energised, healthy, open hearted and minded, calm, peaceful and connected on all levels.

Hopefully it will make you feel more empowered and uplifted and enhance the experience of your pregnancy, labour, and motherhood.


Privacy Policy and Data Protection

Before  coming to pregnancy yoga classes or doing any physical activity, please seek the advice and permission of your general health practitioner, midwife or consultant and always keep me informed of any health conditions that I should be aware of. Thank you.

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