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Privacy Policy and Data Protection

I respect and protect the privacy of everyone who visits my web site.

It does not store or capture personal information although it will log your IP address – a series of numbers providing a PC with a unique address. However, this procedure is not linked to anything that can identify you. As a result, your user session will remain anonymous to us.

I do not use cookies for collecting user information from the site. I will not collect any information about you except the technical information I require for day-to-day running of the web server.

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I will only use information you provide in emails strictly for the purpose you supplied it for. If I need to give information to a third party, I will try to make sure we clearly show this. Under the Data Protection Act 1998, these third parties must keep the information secure.

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Privacy Policy and Data Protection

Before  coming to pregnancy yoga classes or doing any physical activity, please seek the advice and permission of your general health practitioner, midwife or consultant and always keep me informed of any health conditions that I should be aware of. Thank you.

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