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The Mothers Journey

Couples Yoga

Couples Yoga

“Marriage is the highest form of yoga” Yogi Bhajan

By this, he doesn’t mean the piece of paper from the registry office- though this can be seen as a sign of the commitment that two people have given each other.

Marriage is the bond that brings two individuals together, united in complete harmony, living for each other, in complete love, respect, commitment and trust. The two individuals merge and become one....... It is considered to be the highest form of yoga as it is the ultimate sacrifice and union of two souls.

Even in a conscious pregnancy though, all the attention and care is on the mother expecting to give birth and much of the time the father or other partner gets a little neglected and forgotten. Sometimes they can feel a bit lost as they don’t always know how to act, what to do, the right things to say and can feel a bit like a spare part and awkward. They can feel a little shut out at times and it is  very important to make them feel cherished, valued and special too. The woman’s partner has a huge role and responsibility to play in The Mother’s Journey and is co creator in this miracle they have been blessed with.

These classes are designed to help the partners feel very much part of it all. To help them take part in the decision making and feel that they are supporting the Mothers to the best of their ability.

In the classes we will practice yoga, postures and breathing which will help uplift and prepare for the birth and after. We will share experiences so far, useful information and choices available. We will discuss differing opinions and find solutions. We will go through yogic techniques and breathing to help make the labour the most natural and empowering experience possible. We will discuss post birth and options. All discussions will be led by the couples own personal needs.

These classes will be an opportunity to meet and share with other expectant parents going through similar experiences and to prepare for the birth and after.


Privacy Policy and Data Protection

Before  coming to pregnancy yoga classes or doing any physical activity, please seek the advice and permission of your general health practitioner, midwife or consultant and always keep me informed of any health conditions that I should be aware of. Thank you.

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