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The Mothers Journey


What to Expect From My Classes

Kundalini, Conscious Pregnancy and The Mother’s Journey

Well the first thing I would like to start by saying is that I believe ALL women are born with the innate power to be Mothers. We are all born with the divine capacity to give  unconditional love, to self sacrifice, even if we never give birth ourselves, we all have the capability to give the most infinite and powerful love in the universe. We all hold the power within us; we have the most potent creative force within us. We are the feminine and divine grace, the manifestation of the creative force and only we are blessed with being able to create, hold within us, birth and nature new life.

Being a woman and a Mother is truly a divine gift and blessing.

What is Kundalini yoga and Conscious Pregnancy?

For details about kundalini yoga is please visit my other website

Conscious pregnancy is as simple as what its name is.

Conscious pregnancy may start with a conscious conception in a conscious relationship where two people come together as one and decide to have a child together. Or it can be the conscious decision of a person to have a child. But it doesn’t always start this way- sometimes a new pregnancy can be an unexpected surprise! But it can be taken forward from there as a conscious pregnancy and birth and conscious parenting. What does that all mean? Well, in simple terms, it means that every thought, feeling and action taken, (primarily by the mother, and then the father / other partner, other children, extended family, friends and community and anyone interacting with the Mother and unborn baby), has to be a conscious, positive one that is for the benefit of the new unborn baby. Everything has to be done in full awareness and a happy, healthy, warm, stable, balanced, loving, caring, inviting environment should be created for the new family member to come into.
Why is this so important?

Everything that happens around the pregnant woman can affect her unborn child’s health, emotions, happiness and future. For example, a stressful, unhappy pregnancy can lead to a nervous, unsettled, child and a happy, healthy, positive pregnancy for the mother can result in a happy, settled, confident child. The unborn baby will feed from the mother’s general health and state of mind and being during and after pregnancy, as well as from the nutrients and oxygen provided through the placenta and breast milk.

So it is important for The Mother’s Journey through conception, pregnancy, birth and after to be as smooth, happy and positive as possible.

Yoga during pregnancy can help The Mother’s Journey to be a happy, healthy, empowered, relaxed, conscious and positive one.

Yoga is a great gentle way to exercise and keep the body supple, strong, toned and flexible.
Yoga helps to calm and focus the mind and keep it clear, balanced and neutral.
Yoga helps eliminate any toxins, stress, tension, anxiety and any negative thoughts and feelings.
Yoga helps to bring more oxygen and energy to Mother and baby.
Yoga helps Mother connect to baby while still maintaining her own individuality within the whole.
Yoga can help bond Mother and her partner even closer together.
Yoga can help to reduce pregnancy and labour discomforts and problems.
Yoga can help post natal in many ways.
Yoga will help mother deal with negativity much more easily and make her experience more positive.
Yoga makes one more relaxed, serene, calm and peaceful.
Practicing Yoga during pregnancy can help labour be as natural as possible.
Yoga makes you look and feel great!

In my classes we will cover The Mother’s Journey from beginning to beyond birth. We will share information, experiences and wisdom. You will learn important exercises, breathing techniques and ways to deal with pain and discomfort during pregnancy and labour. You will learn to spot early signs of common pregnancy conditions and problems and ways to help alleviate them. You will learn correct breathing and posture for all stages of your journey and yogic tips like how to avoid things like stretch marks and tears, how to strengthen your back and pelvic floor, relieve pregnancy symptoms and so much more.

The classes will be structured so that each week of your course you will learn something new. There will be exercise, breathing, meditation, relaxation, discussion and information and a chance to meet with other expectant Mothers.

There will be folders and handouts each week with information on pregnancy, yogic tips, breathing, exercises and much more. Discussion and handout content will be unique in each course and lead by you and your individual needs.

The aim of my classes is to bring pregnant women together, help them gain confidence, and give as much information as possible so they can make their own personal choices to help make their pregnancy, labour and motherhood as happy and healthy as possible and to leave the classes each week, feeling empowered and uplifted and amazed at the beautiful, and radiant beings that they are!


Privacy Policy and Data Protection

Before  coming to pregnancy yoga classes or doing any physical activity, please seek the advice and permission of your general health practitioner, midwife or consultant and always keep me informed of any health conditions that I should be aware of. Thank you.

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