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About Me

My name is Jacqui and I was born in 1966. I have been married twice and have four children, three of whom I gave birth to myself. The first two were natural births and my fourth child was an elected caesarean recommended by my doctor. They are 23, 21, 18 and 8 at present and along with my husband, they are the loves of my life. I have much life experience to share, particularly as a Mother and draw on these experiences to help other women through their own Mother’s Journey.

I found Kundalini Yoga in 2008 at a time when I had many health issues and had just about tried everything else and very quickly found it to be very effective. I have not suffered any of the health issues I had been suffering from for years since. I found after starting to practice Kundalini Yoga, as well as benefitting from greatly improved health and vitality, my life seemed to flow so much more smoothly as well. I felt more calm, serene and able to deal with life’s difficulties much more easily and effectively than I ever had in my life before.

I became so passionate about my practice that I felt a strong need and urge to help others who were open to it to also reap the benefits that I had. So I enrolled on the teacher training and have never looked back ;).

Since then I have worked extensively with the elderly and physically challenged as well as with my regular classes and one to ones and teaching my pregnant students on a one to one basis at home. I absolutely loved the sessions with my pregnant students so I trained as a doula and The Mother’s Journey Conscious Pregnancy Yoga Teacher as I felt the time had come to teach classes for pregnant women who wish to come together to share their experiences, wisdom and grace.

I love what I do with a passion and try to make my classes warm, welcoming, informal, informative, nurturing, beneficial on all levels, uplifting and lots of fun!


Privacy Policy and Data Protection

Before  coming to pregnancy yoga classes or doing any physical activity, please seek the advice and permission of your general health practitioner, midwife or consultant and always keep me informed of any health conditions that I should be aware of. Thank you.

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